Intel’s Unreleased 24-core Core i9-14900K And 20-core Core i7-14700K Benchmarked For The First Time

Today signifies the commencement of Intel’s latest desktop leaks, with the first preview of Raptor Lake Refresh emerging within the Bapco software. This upgraded CPU series, tailored for the LGA1700 socket, brings the potential for increased clock speeds and, in a specific scenario, a higher core count.

IMG 7010

The leaked information validates the identities of a pair of processors: the premier Core i9-14900K CPU, and the Core i7-14700K featuring 20 cores. Particularly noteworthy is the substantial core count increase within the Core i7 series, transitioning from 16 cores in the 13700 model to a robust 20 cores.

The benchmark outcomes indicate that both CPUs operate with 16GB of DDR5-4800 memory, paired with an RTX 4090 GPU. While certain individuals might consider the memory selection to be unimpressive, considering the platform’s capability for 6400 MT/s JEDEC specifications, it’s crucial to remember that these preliminary benchmarks primarily function as a platform validation, rather than an exhaustive performance assessment.

Core i9-14900K Benchmark

Core i7-14700K Benchmark

Regarding performance, the Core i9-14900K demonstrates an average improvement of 14 to 20% over the Core i7-14700K across various benchmarks. Additionally, when compared to the Core i9-13900K, it becomes apparent that the CPU isn’t operating at its maximum capacity, as it is outperformed by the current-generation CPU by a margin of 1% to 16%.

Rumors suggest that Intel is poised to introduce its desktop CPU series in October, with the official unveiling anticipated to take place in September during the Intel Innovation event.