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Automated transcription tools are slowly becoming a necessity in many office settings. It is a technology that’s making things a lot easier for people looking to save mountains of times, especially the journalists.

You no longer have to spend several hours glued to the screen, trying to listen to an audio file several times and then translate it into text manually. With automatic transcription software like Audext, you can get results in real-time with minimal effort.

Convert audio to text with automatic transcription — Audext

Audext is a popular state-of-the-art automated transcription tool, which uses an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to recognize audio and convert it into text in a few minutes. The software combines a media player and a text editor. It analyzes your audio file second by second and ties each word said to the exact audio moment, and then saves the words into a transcript.

What’s great, you’re not required to install this speech to text converter on your computer. It is easily accessible online. Also, the software is compatible with the common audio formats, including WAV, WMA, and MP3.

Converting audio to text with is incredibly simple. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

Step 1: Get an app or device for voice recording

You can just use your smartphone. Well, smartphones with any operating system are typically designed with a voice recorder. Alternatively, you can take advantage of digital devices specially designed for voice recording, such as Senstone.

Step 2: Upload your audio files to Audext

Once you have the recorded files, it’s time to upload them to the minimalistic audio stream Audext dashboard. As we mentioned earlier, this software supports file formats such as WAV, WMA, and MP3.

Step 3: Send the audio stream to the cloud editor

Your audio file will be analyzed and, as it starts to be processed, the text and timing results are automatically generated into your project on-the-fly. You can use the keyboard keys to play, pause, rewind, and slow down the audio as you want.

Also, Audext features some great tools you can use to review and edit the audio transcription results as they are downloaded into your project at the dashboard. There’s no need to leave the Audext dashboard to edit text results.

Step 4: Export your text file

Once you’re done, just save the transcribed text to your computer in either DOC or TXT format.

Convert your speech to text via fast & accurate dictation

Audext also enables users to convert speech to text on-the-fly through the fast and accurate dictation engine. It is super faster than typing.

All you need to do to convert speech to text is wear headphones, listen to your audio file, and speak out the contents of the recordings.

Benefits of transcription for journalists

Part of a journalist work is to transcribe audio interviews to reports or articles. Unfortunately, though, lengthy interviews can demand a lot of your time. On average, a 15-minute audio file will take about 1 hour to convert it to text. Since most journalists operate on tight deadlines, hiring a reliable transcription service often takes time, which they don’t have. So, automated transcription tools are, without a doubt, a must-have for journalists.

Well, the following are some of the perks of using interview transcription software for journalists.

  • Ace a speed interview

As a professional journalist, you don’t want to miss out on any important details during a lengthy speech or interview with public figures and celebrities. You must be prepared to take a sound bite at all times. However, if you’ll be recording that on your notebook, then you risk missing critical information. With recorded audio, journalists can convert it into text and make powerful short extracts.

  • High-quality content

Since manual transcription takes a lot of time, there’s a chance of making errors due to fatigue and rashness to meet the deadlines. Automated tools generate text in minutes, giving room for creativity because you’ll have enough time to pay more attention to details and make your transcribed text high-quality content.

Honestly, interview transcription tools are amazing. There’s no need to waste a lot of hours converting an audio file to text when it can be done in minutes. Software like Audext, for example, is 200 times faster compared to any average manual transcription service. But, keep in mind though the software does not transcribe text to audio or if your audio is characterized by background extreme noise like music.

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