iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Setup & Usage

Getting the iQunix F96 setup is extremely easy. If you have the wired version all you do is of course plug it in with the included USB cable. If you decided on the wired + Bluetooth version getting the keyboard setup wirelessly is quite easy too. iQunix provides a Bluetooth dongle if your PC / laptop does not have Bluetooth. So plug in the dongle and switch the keyboard to Bluetooth mode using the switch on the back of the keyboard. From there you’ll see a white LED flashing on the keyboard, press and hold the FN + 1 buttons at the same time for 5 seconds, the white LED should turn blue and the keyboard is now in pairing mode. Now go into the Bluetooth settings on your PC and the keyboard should show up as iQunix F96 and you can pair the keyboard.

On thing that is nice about the F96 is that you can have it paired to three different devices and easily switch between them. Is is great if you want to use the keyboard for your PC, Laptop, or even a tablet. I’ve been using the F96 in Bluetooth mode for a couple of weeks now and I really cannot tell the different between Bluetooth or wired mode at all. I haven’t had any connection issues or input lag issues. While in Bluetooth mode if you want to check how much battery is left on the keyboard you can press FN + X and the LED on the board will blink 1 (30%), 2 (60%), or 3 (100%) times to let you know the battery level.

The keyboard can be used on both Windows and Mac systems. To switch the keyboard layout all you have to do is press FN + A for 5 seconds to go to the Mac layout and FN + I to go to the Windows layout.

The LED on the board is actually pretty useful and I like that it is in between the keys and does not take up any other space on the keyboard. It will also light up white when you have caps lock turned on, although there is no indication when you have num lock turned on.

iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

We also have RGB lighting on our version of the keyboard. To turn backlighting on the keyboard on or off you press FN + Z. Now there is a handful a preset effect which you can cycle through by pressing FN + Shift. Some of the effects will also allow you to change the color of the effect, you can do that by pressing FN + |\. Since the keycaps do not have legends that allow the light to show through the RGB lighting is just alright, nothing to write home about.

iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

I initially thought this keyboard did not have any software, but I found it odd on the product page it said it was fully programmable, but there was not downloads listed or even a download page. After searching around for a while I came to this website: which has driver and firmware downloads for iQunix keyboards. For the F96 you’ll want to download the 9.8 MB RAR file titled F96 新版 驱动. The software is pretty simple, but does the job. The first tab is lighting where you can set a different lighting effect. The keyboard also supports per-key backlighting.

The next tab is Customize, which allows you to remap each key on the keyboard. You can select a different keyboard key, mouse key, rapid fire, multimedia, system (Windows) command, a macro or a combo key.

Finally you have the Macro tab where you can create and save macros.

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