iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Review

Final Thoughts

So I’ve been using the iQunix F96 for a few weeks now and I have to say it is my favorite keyboard that I’ve ever used. I don’t think I’ve ever used a keyboard that was this comfortable. Yes, I’ve used keyboard with Cherry MX Blue mechanical key switches, but for some reason these just feel different, in a good way. I think it has a lot to do with the PBT keycaps. I’ve always been a fan of PBT keycaps and just how much better they make your typing / gaming experience. On top of just feeling good they do not wear or get a shine on them like normal ABS keycaps.

One thing I really like about this keyboard is of course the colors. I think that iQunix has done a great job choosing some really awesome color designs. Our version was of course the “Coral Sea” and I think that it looks absolutely amazing. I really like that the color design is continued throughout the chassis of the keyboard, not just on the keycaps. Talking about the chassis of the keyboard the entire thing is heavy aluminium. This means you are going to have absolutely no flex when typing. Most keyboards we review typically only have an aluminum top-plate with the rest of the chassis being plastic. So having an all aluminum design really makes all of the difference.

Besides the color choices on this keyboard you of course get to pick what switches (Cherry MX Blue, Red, Brown, Pink) you want, if you want wireless (Bluetooth) capability, and if you want RGB lighting. If you do choose the Bluetooth version the keyboard does come with a USB Bluetooth dongle, which is a nice addition. Using the keyboard in Bluetooth mode is just like using it wired, we did not have any issues or notice any input lag. The RGB lighting on this keyboard is really nothing much to write home about as the keycaps do not allow the RGB lighting to show through the legends.

Another thing that makes this keyboard so great for me is its form factor. With most keyboards this size you miss out on a dedicated number pad, but with the F96 you still get a number pad without having a massive keyboard on your desk.

So at the end of the day I absolutely love this keyboard. It is extremely comfortable, made with quality materials, and looks amazing! I don’t think this keyboard will be leaving my desk anytime soon, I just need to find an XXL mouse mat that will go with it! You can pick up the F96 Coral Sea version over at the iQunix store starting at $189. Overall ThinkComputers gives the iQunix F96 Coral Sea Wireless Mechanical Keyboard a 10 out of 10 and our Editor’s Choice Award!

– All aluminum chassis
– Awesome different color designs
– Form factor
– PBT keycaps
– Wired or wireless option
– Choice of different Cherry MX switches
– Super comfortable

– Software is very hard to find

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