IQUNIX Unveils EZ Series HE Gaming Keyboard

IQUNIX, a leading innovative peripherals brand, launched the groundbreaking EZ60 and EZ63 Magnetic Switch gaming keyboards on June 19th. Designed specifically for FPS gamers, the EZ Series aims to elevate gaming experiences to new heights. With its unique e-sport aesthetic design, IQUNIX brings a breakthrough 8000 Hz polling rate, 0.05 mm Release Sensitivity in Rapid Trigger with revolutionary hall effect technology, and Magnetic Auto-Tune for minimal latency, faster key response, and competitive stability in FPS gaming, such as Valorant, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, osu!, and Apex Legends.

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The EZ Series offers a range of impressive features that set it apart from other gaming keyboards on the market. By prioritizing the enhancement of keyboard performance metrics like latency, key accuracy, and stability, the EZ60/EZ63 also shines in personalization options, delivering customizable settings and an unparalleled sound feel.

Breakthrough Response – 8000 Hz Polling Rate
One of the most notable features of EZ is its ultra-high polling rate of 8000 Hz, which reduces keyboard latency to an unprecedented 0.125 ms. This means that players will have almost instantaneous responses to their inputs, giving them a clear advantage in fast-paced. By delivering real-time feedback with unparalleled speed and precision, IQUNIX continues to push the boundaries of gaming performance.

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Ultimate Precision – 0.05 mm Rapid Tigger & Accuracy
With Rapid Trigger, effortlessly repeat key presses mid-motion without hitting a fixed reset or actuation point. The EZ keyboard’s Super Rapid Stop Mode sets a new standard with its 0.05 mm release sensitivity.

In essence, the EZ Series represents a pinnacle of gaming keyboard engineering, combining advanced technology with user-centric design to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Whether executing split-second maneuvers or maintaining peak performance over extended gameplay sessions, the EZ keyboards from IQUNIX redefine what gamers can expect from their gaming peripherals.

Competitive Stability – Breakthrough Technology
The EZ Series keyboards are built with a proprietary solution that makes them so precise, stable, and fast. Paired with dedicated advanced web-based software, it ensures stability and minimizes the risk of bugs. Gamers can rely on a consistent and flawless performance, match after match.

Plus, IQUNIX and Gateron jointly developed and launched the latest breakthrough – thedesign utilizes magnetic coupling and the Hall effect to ensure smoother keystrokes with enhanced stability, maintaining accurate triggering.

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Best Sound & Texture: E-sport Gasket Mount, Aluminum Frame
The accuracy of the magnetic switch HE keyboard is crucial, and IQUNIX has achieved a breakthrough of 0.05 mm RT sensitivity and precision. Therefore, they designed the E-sport gasket mount to be stable, which not only ensures accuracy on a stable foundation, but also guarantees a pleasant sound.

IQUNIX is referred to as the “Aluminum Factory” by their customers, this prestigious nickname highlights the exceptional craftsmanship and dedication to quality that IQUNIX is known for. Naturally, this incredibly cool tech product is crafted from high-quality aluminum, delivering a premium texture and ensuring durability.

Designed for Pro Use – E-sport Vibe, Double-shot PBT Keycap, Pro Setting
Keycaps are crafted from materials with high PBT content, ensuring prolonged intensive use without wear or fading over time, a significant advantage for gamers!

The web-based EZ software integrates champions and professional players settings for magnetic switch precision, allowing instant access to ‘Pros Setting’ with the one click.

“We believe that keyboards should be both tools and works of art, setting us apart with a foundation built on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction,” said Levan, CEO of IQUNIX.

The EZ Series officially launched on June 19th on the, available in EZ60 and EZ63. The main difference between them is that the EZ63 includes arrow keys. The EZ60/EZ63 is priced at $179 on the official website. Customers can join their Rewards Program to get $20 off and a free EZ Carry Bag.


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