Kingston Launches Fury Renegade RGB Limited Edition DDR5-8000 Memory For Racing Car Fans

Kingston has released a new memory module tailored for car racing enthusiasts. This special edition desktop memory, inspired by racing cars, boasts a striking red color and an aerodynamic design. Although finding a compatible red motherboard might be challenging, this memory will undoubtedly be a standout feature in any unique build.
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Kingston has announced the Fury Renegade RGB Limited Edition in a single configuration: a dual-kit featuring 24GB modules operating at a speed of 8000 MT/s. The memory specifications include 36-48-48 latency and a voltage of 1.45V. It is XMP 3.0 certified and lacks a distinct AMD EXPO profile.
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Kingston states that the Limited Edition Fury Renegade memory will also offer support for DDR5-7200 and DDR5-6400 profiles featuring improved timings. This memory was specifically tailored for use with Intel’s 14th Gen Core “Raptor Lake Refresh” CPUs.

Pricing details from the company are yet to be confirmed.
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Newly designed curved and patterned modules resemble the livery of your favourite racecar’s bodywork. Showcasing 12 LEDs on the seemingly wind-swept light bar, utilising FURY CTRL™’s1 18 customisable RGB effects to bring the excitement of the starting lights every time your system boots.”

Source: Kingston