Valve Lowers Steam Deck Price To Just $296

The first Steam Deck handheld was released two years ago and continues to be one of the most popular and affordable gaming devices available. Last year, an update introduced an OLED display, but the previous LCD series wasn’t discontinued. Instead, those models were discounted, and it seems the Deck might become even more affordable. The company is now offering a 15% discount on two models: the 512GB LCD edition and the 64GB LCD edition. This promotion does not apply to the 256GB LCD or any of the newer OLED variants. Consequently, one can now purchase the 512GB model at a lower price than the 256GB model, bringing the Deck’s price to below $300.

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Valve currently offers five versions of the Steam Deck, varying in display technology and storage capacity. The OLED model features a newer APU, faster LPDDR5-6400 memory, a higher capacity 50W battery, and a slightly larger 7.4-inch display. This upgrade was announced last year.


So far, Valve has not announced any immediate plans for a Deck 2, and the original model still uses Zen2 and RDNA2 architecture. Meanwhile, AMD is introducing newer APUs with up to 12 Zen5 cores and 16 CU RDNA3.5 graphics. AMD’s Zen5 series plans go further, with the expected launch of the Strix Halo series, featuring integrated graphics with up to 40 CUs. Additionally, AMD is expected to release an APU codenamed Kraken Point (or Krackan), an 8-core Zen5/Zen5c processor with 8 RDNA3.5 CUs. This APU, which has nearly the same specs as the current-gen custom Deck chip but with newer architectures, could potentially be a suitable candidate for an update.

64GB LCD: $296.65
512GB LCD: $381.65

Source: Valve