Gamers May Face Image Quality and Performance Issues Due To Nintendo Switch 2 1080p Screen

The Nintendo Switch 2 is rumored to feature a 1080p screen, but this may not be the best decision due to several reasons, including issues with backward compatibility. On the latest episode of the DF Direct Weekly podcast, the tech experts at Digital Foundry discussed the potential drawbacks of a 1080p screen for the new console.

They noted that if the Switch 2 supports backward compatibility with original Switch games, it could lead to image quality problems. Current Switch games output at 720p in portable mode, which would appear blurry on a 1080p screen. To address this, the Switch 2 would need to run these games in docked mode resolution (1080p) even when in portable mode.

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Even for Nintendo Switch 2 games, a 1080p screen could present challenges. While developers can aim for a 720p resolution, it wouldn’t look optimal on such a screen. Conversely, NVIDIA DLSS support could mitigate this issue, as upscaling from 540p to 1080p would look better than native 720p on a 1080p screen.

However, Digital Foundry believes a 720p screen would be more advantageous for the system. A lower resolution would provide more performance headroom in portable mode and still look good, as demonstrated by the Steam Deck. Additionally, HDR support would be a significant improvement over current Switch models.

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Little is currently known about the Nintendo Switch 2, but more details are expected before the end of the year. The system is rumored to launch in Q1 2025.