Is it gaming? Or gambling?

Gaming and gambling are both attractive and attention-capturing activities. But, do they actually cause addiction?

Warning signs and symptoms

The first trigger for worries is the amount of time spent in front of the device. Gamers often get lost in virtual reality and don’t understand the consequences it may have on their real lives.

Anti-social behavior, aggressiveness, depression and anxiety are caused by compulsive and uncontrolled gaming. By far, these are the first signs of addiction.

The main reason for all these symptoms is the dopamine, released by our brain. The algorithm is easy. Sensation-seeking personalities often develop addictive behavior. They seek for the win in a game and this hunger for win and desire for the unexpected makes our brain release dopamine. This hormone is responsible for the feeling of reward and motivation, which causes gamers to spend more and more time playing.

Is It a True Addiction?

Yes. This addiction is no different from its any other form you might know. The effect it has on the brain is pretty much same.

Video games were designed to be addictive just the same as online casinos like Royal casino. Attractive interface, high quality graphics and game’s structure have to make you come back for another round. The industry earns from gamers, so it makes sense why video games have to be designed properly.

As a consequence, player gets hooked up on the game. Video games always give players the ability to improve their skills and move within the game. Every passed level brings the feeling of reward and importance. What happens next in our brain is explained in the previous paragraphs…So, yes, it is an addiction.

Similarity to Other Addictions

As it happens with other addictions, both gamers and gamblers become preoccupied with these activities, while their real lives pass to the background.

Every addiction, including gaming and gambling, cause strong emotional attachment and it becomes very hard to abandon such activities. Here, the moods and feelings of an addicted person depend on the game’s outcome.

Harmful Effects

The biggest part of stated information offers a look on what makes gaming and gambling harmful. However, if these symptoms and addiction don’t get treated on time, they may evolve into grave mental health problems.

A lot also depends on the game type. Video games, which include the element of violence, can have direct influence on gamer’s attitude. They tend to reflect the aggression that’s seen and simulated in a game, on those who surround them in real life.

Overstimulation of the brain, caused by excessive online activity, leads to multiple mental health issues like depression, anxiety, low self-esteem. Trust us, these take time to cope with. So, professional help is one of the best things you can get for an addicted person.

Gambling may also get you into a financial trouble. It’s always better to stick to sports on Sbobet rather than play in online games for days in a row. After both wins and defeats, our brain still makes us want to try more. Since we never know what the fortune holds for us, it’s always exciting to find it out.