Jonsbo Announces TK-3 Pillarless Front-left Corner Case

Numerous recent mid-tower case launches have embraced the concept of a pillarless front-left corner, enabling the seamless integration of glass panels along the front and left sides, enhancing the visibility of the internal hardware. Jonsbo stands out as one of the select case designers to execute a refined rendition of this idea by employing a single curved piece of glass along the corner, eliminating the division between what would typically be two distinct glass panels.


The latest Jonsbo TK-3, the case that embodies this concept, is available in two variants: black and white. It adopts a vertically partitioned layout, with a generous motherboard tray occupying the left compartment. While lacking vertical expansion slots, this section offers ample space to accommodate even the largest ASUS ROG Strix graphics card.


The motherboard tray is recessed towards the front, allowing space for a liquid-cooling radiator and its fans without interfering with the graphics card. The left compartment, situated behind the motherboard tray, offers abundant crawlspaces for cable routing. The PSU bay is positioned sideways, directly behind the upper section of the motherboard tray, with a drive cage housing two 3.5-inch bays beneath it. The entire left side panel is perforated for improved airflow.


In addition to the side-facing 3x 120 mm vent capable of holding a 360 mm radiator, there are two more sets of 120 mm vents located on the bottom and top panels, comprising the case’s ventilation system. Front-panel connectivity consists of two USB 3.2 Type-A ports, a Type-C port, and a 4-pole headset jack. The case dimensions are 288 mm x 438 mm x 415 mm (W x D x H). Pricing details have not been disclosed by the company.

Via TechPowerUp