Kingston Action Camera microSD Card Review

Final Thoughts
The worst thing that can happen when using in action camera is that the footage you shot did not come out correctly. This happens when you use normal SD card or cards that have slow read / write speeds. Most of the time you can only shoot something once, or you are only in a location one time. With the Kingston Action Camera microSD Card you are assured that what you shot will be on the card without any missed frames, audio glitches, or anything else.

I used the card in my GoPro Hero 5 and it survived all that I put it through. I really did not have to worry about the card getting too hot in the camera when recording 4K videos, or if the GoPro took a beating in the process of shooting a video. After checking all of the videos everything was fine, there was no lost footage or anything like that.

This card is not only made for action cameras, but drones, and pretty much any device that will take a microSD card. Again you won’t have to worry about bad footage with this card. Right now the 64GB version of the card which we reviewed today is selling at my favorite online retailer for $34.75.

– Waterproof, shock and vibration proof, x-ray proof and temperature proof
– Performs as advertised
– Comes with SD adapter

– None

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