Kingston DataTraveler microDuo USB Drive Review

Usage & Testing
This is a normal USB drive of course so our first time will be its speed using a normal PC. For those wondering this is a USB 2.0 drive so do not expect blazing speeds here. We will be using HDTune to test both sequential read and write speeds.


Here we can see that the read speeds of the drive are pretty normal. With USB 2.0 you can expect to get a max transfer speed of around 30 MB/s. The write speeds are a little disappointing, around 8MB/s. That means it is going to take longer to transfer your files to the drive.

The USB OTG function is a little tricky to get working. Luckily we have a rooted Nexus 5 here which does support the USB OTG function. Simply plug the DataTraveler microDuo into the phones microUSB port and open a file browser to see the files. It really is that easy. Remember your device has to support USB OTG to be able to use this drive.

Kingston DataTraveler microDuo USB Drive

Final Thoughts
This device solves a simple problem that many mobile users have, transferring files from your PC to your mobile device or adding extra storage to your mobile device. The DataTraveler microDuo is so simple and just works. It gives you USB storage for your PC and microUSB storage for your device via the USB OTG function.

Adding extra storage to a tablet or smartphone is great. These are usually limited so we don’t normally store large media on these devices. But when you are on a long flight and want to access media this way is much better than a laptop because we all know our smartphone and tablet batteries last much longer than our laptop does.

The only real issue I found with this drive is that its write speed is pretty slow. That means it is going to take longer to transfer your data to the drive.

If you are in the need of extra storage for your mobile device this is the perfect little device to pickup and being so small it is extremely easy to with you anywhere. The 32GB version that we reviewed today goes for around $20 online making its purchase a no brainer. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Kingston DataTraveler microDuo USB Drive a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 small TC award recommended small

– Can be used on PCs and mobile devices
– Available in capacities up to 64GB
– Small and compact
– Price

– Write speeds are pretty slow

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