KitSound Voice One Smart Speaker Review

Final Thoughts
Now sadly I do not have any other smart speakers in this price range to really compare the KitSound Voice One to, but I am quite impressed with it. First lets talk about sound quality, because of course this is a speaker. The Voice One is going to be more the loud enough to fill most rooms with sound. I had it in my office, bedroom, and kitchen and I did not have to have the volume all the way up to fill each room. The sound is really clear and the bass is definitely noticeable. I think given its price the sound quality of the Voice One is definitely on par.

KitSound has decided to go with Amazon Alexa integration in the Voice One and I think that it is a great choice. I already have a couple of Echo Dot’s in my house so I am already used to asking Alexa things. With Alexa integration you really do not even need to use the KitSound app or the included remote. Even better you can have the Voice One act as a timer, alarm clock, and more. Currently I have the Voice One in my bedroom and it is so easy to say, “Alexa set alarm for 7AM” etc.

Now if you happen to want to use the KitSound app it is actually quite good. I really did not run into any issues using it and it also made getting the Voice One connected to my WiFi network extremely easy. I was a little disappointed to not find an app-based equalizer for the speaker though. Again the sound was good, but it would have been nice to tweak the sound profile. One thing that we were not able to test was pairing or linking multiple Voice One speakers together. From what others have said this process is quite easy and you can group together up to 8 speakers for whole-home sound. That is something you definitely might want to look into given the price of the Voice One.

Right now the KitSound Voice One is selling at our favorite online retailer for $179.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the KitSound Voice One Smart Speaker a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Good overall sound
– Amazon Alexa integration
– Easy to setup
– Price
– Great app
– Can pair multiple units together

– No app-based equalizer to tweak the sound profile

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