Leaked Driver Confirms Intel Arc A380, Arc A350 Desktop GPU Names

Intel has confirmed the Arc A380, Arc A350 desktop GPU names through a leaked driver. The company has released a post on the official website and it reveals more than just IDs of unreleased hardware.

As revealed by an anonymous leaker, Intel posted a driver whose SYS files show the names of yet-to-release Intel Xe-HPG GPUs aka Arc Alchemist.

Intel XeHPG ARC Roadmap

This is the first time Intel has revealed the actual names of the much anticipated discrete graphics cards from Intel and the names have been verified by Intel itself. However, it is not confirmed whether the list contains all the names planned for the Arc Alchemist series. The past reports suggest that there might be as many as 5 different variants of DG2 GPUs, differing in core count and memory configurations.

Intel (R) Arc (TM) A380 Graphics Family.
•Intel (R) Arc (TM) A350 Graphics Family.
•Intel (R) Arc (TM) A370M Graphics Family.
•Intel (R) Arc (TM) A350M Graphics Family.
•Intel (R) Iris (R) Xe A200M Graphics Family.

The site already shows the Arc A380. It offers GeForce GTX 1650 SUPER performance and a clock speed of 2.45 GH. Reportedly, the A350 is going to be the competitor for RTX 3050/RX 6400 models that will be launched in the year 2020.

Intel ARC dual fan DG2 GPU1

It seems that A3XX should be equivalent to the CPU Core i3 performance class. Likely, A5XX, A7XX, and A9XX are also planned.

Via Intel