Test Driver For DG3 “Elasti” dGPU, Raptor/Meteor/Arrow/Lunar-Lake iGPUs Accidently Released By Intel

A renowned leakster KOMACHI has revealed that a graphics test driver, though not supposed to be published on a public website, is now present on the Intel official website.

Intel Test Driver leak1

A test driver, Intel NUC Kit 11th Gen driver, which supports Intel DG3 GPUs codenamed “Elasti” and multiple integrated GPU solutions to be used by Raptor, Meteor, Arrow, and Lunar Lake CPUs. All these were not supposed to be released yet.

Moreover, it lists Raptor Lake-S (RPLS), Meteor Lake (MTL), Arrow Lake (ARL), and Lunar Lake (LNL) in the config files, alongside Device PCI IDs. We can use this later to pinpoint leaks. Only two DG3 GPUs were listed by this driver so far. Signifying that the DG3 is yet not ready. Reportedly, the DG3 family will be used in mobile GPUS as well as Arc Battlemage desktop.

Intel 9999 Driver

The files also verify the configurations of the new integrated solutions. Rumor has it that Intel is to double and subsequently quadruple the GPU core count over the Alder Lake iGPU solution.

Via Intel