Intel 65W Alder Lake-S Pricing Leaked, 6-core CPUs To Be Priced At 180-240 USD

BestBuy has leaked detailed information on the pricing of 12 generation ‘Alder Lake-S’ (65W) CPUs. CPUs with 6 cores fall under the price range of 180-240 USD, while 4-core CPUs will cost around 110-140 USD.

The big US retailer has not listed all the SKUs. This could be a hint towards the unavailability of some of the SKUs right after the launch i.e on the 5th of January in the upcoming year.  Nevertheless, we now have a reasonably fair idea about the pricing strategy of Intel for its entry level as well as mid range CPUs from the Alder Lake-S series.

BestBuy Alder Lake Pricing

The listing reveals the price of a Core i9-12900 with16 cores and featuring 24 threads to be somewhere between 530 to 510 USD, varying according to the availability of the integrated graphics. This makes it approximately 60 bucks less expensive than the unlocked K-series(125W). Intel is also in the process of manufacturing a Core i7-12700 CPU(65W) that will be featuring 20 threads along with 12 cores. It is expected to be sold at 360 USD. The F variant can not be seen in the listing yet.

BestBuy has listed 3 Core i5 SKUs as of now namely: 12400, 12500, and 12600. Some of them do not have the onboard Xe graphics enabled. The prices start from 180 USD (12400F) and go as far as 140 USD (12600). Many leaks have suggested that all of the SKUs come with the same configuration(6 performance cores and Zero efficient cores). The gap in pricing comes from the difference in the clock speed for each SKU.

Intel Alder Lake 7

The entry level Quad-core i3-12100 CPU from the Intel Alder Lake-S series will be priced at 110 USD (in case of F) and 140 USD (for non-F). While a dual-core Pentium G7400 will come with a price tag of 80 USD, the G6900 will be sold at 60 USD.

Not to miss that all CPUs will ship with the all new Intel stock coolers.

Via BestBuy