ADATA XPG Reveals The CASTER DDR5 Memory Series

ADATA XPG shows off its CASTER DDR5 Memory Series

The XPG CASTER has a speed of 7000 MT/s. It has enhanced reliability and stability as well as real-time error correction ability owing to features like PMIC and On-Die ECC respectively. The 16GB memory set is about twice as fast as the standard DDR4 DRAM. It will be available in two variants: without RGB lighting and with RGB lighting.


The unbelievable data transfer speed provides a seamless gaming experience to users. The amazing overclocking ability of the memory series, supporting Intel XMP 3.0, allows users to avoid BIOS settings and adjustment of overclocking parameters.

XPG CASTER series DRAM oozes a sense of sophistication and futuristic design with its sharp cuts, eminent triangular RGB light(optional), and heat sinks in steel gray color. The RGB lighting is totally customizable according to the desire of its user. Almost all major motherboard brands incorporate RGB control software which lets the users choose from several lighting effect options. The Music Mode lets you sync the lights with your favorite songs.

The company is also planning to launch XPG HUNTER DDR5 DRAM at the end of this year. As a successor to DDR4 DRAM, it will have an upgraded heat sink design and an enhanced speed of 5200MT/s.