Next-Gen AMD Ryzen Cores For Handheld Gaming Teased By Aya-Neo

Aya-Neo shows off its Next-Gen AMD Ryzen Cores For Potent Handheld Gaming.

Aya-Neo claims that it will be introducing “innovations never seen on a Windows gaming handheld”. The teaser posted on the company’s official account hints at the launch of next-gen AMD cores. The company is planning to reveal in-depth details in an announcement scheduled for the 28th of December.


The timing of the announcement is interesting for the below-mentioned reasons:

1. The Consumer Electronics Shows scheduled at the start of January 2022, will be welcoming tons of new announcements.

2. This announcement will be made just before AMD’s CES live stream event.

Aya-Neo will surely not be using a discrete GPU with Ryzen 5000 series desktop CPU for its next generation handheld gaming system. The company has several options of system-on-chip to choose from.

download.jpeg 2

One option will be taking inspiration from Valve with its Steam Deck, adopting a custom Van Gogh SoC. This would give the Next handheld  Zen 2 CPU cores along with RDNA 2 graphics.