Leaked iPhone 6 Images Confirm Larger Screen Size

Yesterday we talked about Apple releasing a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone. Well now more rumors are surfacing to support this, leaked images have been posted on a Chinese forum of the front panel of the phone and a molding of the phone itself.

iPhone 6 Front Panel

No real details about the photos have been released, but we have translated the post which reads, “has always been to cover structural design drawings or leaked before the iPhone 6 icons, of course, this is already sufficient to prove 4.7 inches of news, but things have not finished, there are 6 iPhone front glass image appears. This picture is taken at the factory site, we can see that the iPhone 6 While the white panel screen than the iPhone 5S big a circle, but on a straight plane, opening and overall shape does not seem to change much, watching Figure:”.

iPhone 6 Mold

The above photo shows a mold of the new device as which shows the difference in size between it and a current generation iPhone.

Source: jiyouhui.it168 via eTeknix | News Archive

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