LENOVO Announces GeForce RTX 4060 In Mini-ITX Form Factor

Lenovo maintains a minimalist design approach while unveiling new cards in the RTX 40 series. The most recent inclusion, the RTX 4060, upholds this principle by adopting a compact Mini-ITX form factor. It showcases a single-fan configuration without RGB lighting or a backplate. Noteworthy is the absence of factory overclocking for this card.

lenovo rtx4060 mini

A noteworthy aspect of the design is the positioning of the 8-pin power connector at the back of the card, a characteristic often found in workstation GPUs such as NVIDIA’s RTX series. This arrangement enhances cable management and contributes to a cleaner overall appearance.

It is worth noting that Lenovo does not sell graphics cards individually. To obtain this particular model, one must purchase a complete system. The RTX 4060 has been integrated into a new gaming PC named IdeaCenter GeekPro 2023, which features Intel’s 13th Gen Core i3-13400F or Core i7-13700F CPUs from the Raptor Lake series, along with DDR4-3200 memory and 1TB PCIe Gen4 SSDs.

IMG 6519

The GeekPro system is now open for pre-orders with a retail price of 6399 RMB (896 USD). The initial shipments are set to commence on July 25th. It’s important to mention that currently, the system is exclusively listed on a Chinese e-commerce platform, and it’s uncertain whether Lenovo has intentions to launch it in the global market.

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