Lenovo Ideapad Y900 17-inch Gaming Laptop Review

Lights & Software
When you first turn on the Ideapad Y900 the first thing you’ll notice is the lights on the keyboard as well as the “Y” logo on the lid light up. The “Y” logo is a solid red and cannot be changed, but the keyboard is RGB backlit, so you can fully customize it.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900

There are actually three distinct areas of the keyboard area that light up on the Y900. First you have the keyboard itself, then you have an accent section above the keyboard, and finally illumination around the touchpad. All of these sections have full RGB capabilities and can be programmed independently. This gives you some pretty awesome color combinations that you can mess around with, of course one of the favorites being the “color wave”.

Lenovo IdeaPad Y900 Lenovo IdeaPad Y900

Lenovo ships the Y900 with their Nerve Center software, which is one of the best pieces of laptop companion software I’ve ever seen. When you first open it up it gives you a live view of your system showing you current CPU, Memory, GPU, and Hard Disk information.


If you click into the Turbo Boost section here you can easily turn on the Turbo Boost function of the Y900 (you can also use the button on the laptop itself). This screen also shows you in real time your CPU speed, GPU wattage, and the speeds of the two fans.


Light Shift is where you can configure the RGB lights on the Y900. There are three different profiles that you can set up and configure. As I mentioned the three seperate sections of the keyboard can be configured independently. You can also set different effects like beathing, heart beat, smooth, and wave.

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Sound Enhancement allows you to turn on sound enhancement, which will enable Dolby sound when playing a game. You can also open the Dolby Advanced settings from this screen. Finally there is the Network Priority page, which will show you the top 10 applications taking network bandwidth. You can enable network priority, which will give games #1 priority when they are launched. From this screen you can open the Killer Advanced network settings.

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