ROCCAT Sova MK Gaming Lapboard Review

PC gaming in the living room hit really big last year. Steam Machines were revealed to us and that brought many PC gamers into the living room for the first time. With the power of the new lower-cost graphics cards from both NVIDIA and AMD as well as the availability of great mini-ITX motherboards many gamers are building PCs for the living room. Gaming in the living room is great, especially if you sit at a computer most of the day for work. But being a PC gamer you are going to want to play with a keyboard and mouse, how PC games are supposed to be played. ROCCAT has just the solution for you in their Sova Gaming Lapboard. This combination gaming keyboard and mousepad hopes to bride the gap between desk-and-chair PC gaming and living room play. Let’s get to gaming and see what the Sova Gaming Lapboard is all about!

Special thanks to ROCCAT for providing us with the Sova Gaming Lapboard to review.



The Sova comes in a nice informative retail box. On the front there is a picture of it in action and lets us know we have the mechanical edition (MK), which has TTC mechanical key switches that were developed specifically for this keyboard. ROCCAT also offers a membrane version of the Sova, which retails for $50 cheaper.


Flipping over to the back many of the features of the Sova are detailed and we have a full list of specifications.


Getting everything out of the box we have the Sova itself, connection cable, mouse bungee, and a quick installation guide.


Taking a look at the included cable it is 4m (a little over 13 feet) long. This means that you should have no problem connecting it to your PC and still be able to comfortably sit on your couch.


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