ROCCAT Sova MK Gaming Lapboard Review

Usage & Testing
Getting the Sova setup and ready to use is pretty easy. First you are going to want to connect your mouse and other devices. ROCCAT includes a mouse bungie that not only helps keep your cables organized it also provides less slack on your cable for a better gaming experience. It also makes sure your mouse does not go flying when you get up off your couch.


Before I talk about using the Sova let’s talk about how I had to do play games in my living room before. Wanting to use a keyboard and mouse, not my Steam Controller I used a TV tray as my “desk” and because the cables were too short I had to bring in a chair from my kitchen. Not that best situation as you can see.


Now with the Sova I am first able to reach the couch so away goes my TV stand desk and chair. So instantly I am more comfortable. Using the Sova has been a treat really. Having it sit on my lap it is quite comfortable to type and for those concerned about the mousepad area it is plenty large enough. There really was not much of a getting used to period for me with the Sova, I kind of just sat down and everything was comfortable and felt natural.


The TTC mechanical key switches are great for gaming. As I said they have a little less tactile feedback than Cherry MX Browns and this is because they are designed for the Sova where you wouldn’t want as much feedback, they are also less clicky which some will like and others may not. The big test for me with the Sova was extended gaming, I payed a couple 2+ hour gaming sessions and I did not notice any discomfort or the needs to adjust. The cushions on the bottom do a great job. I was even able to put my feed up and kick back using the Sova, now this is comfortable gaming!


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