ROCCAT Sova MK Gaming Lapboard Review

The Sova offers per-key illumination, although you just have blue LEDs not RGB LEDs. The illumination is pretty bright and you can set different presets like blinking, breathing, pulse, ripple, heartbeat, fade, and even have a live heatmap. You can also set different key zones that are lighted differently.


Like most ROCCAT gaming products the Sova makes use of ROCCAT’s Swarm customization software. When you first open the software up the first screen will give you your general features. These include sound feedback, which will actually make an audible sound as you type. Then there is LED feedback, which allows you to sleep timer to turn the LEDs off which is nice. Then you have repeat delay, repeat rate, and cursor blink rate. Finally on this page you have the ability to factory reset the keyboard.


The next tab over is Key Assignment, here you can completely reprogram the keyboard. For each key you can set a different primary function as well as the Easy-Shift[+] function. Not only can you set different functions, but there is also a full macro manager that allows you to easily create macros.


Finally there is illumination which allows you to customize the blue LEDs on the keyboard. We mentioned the different presets, but you can also set different lighting zones and adjust the brightness.


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