ROCCAT Sova MK Gaming Lapboard Review

Final Thoughts
So when I got my Steam Machine last year I was really pumped because I sit in front of my PC most of the day and taking that gaming experience to the living room would be a nice change. Then I realized while the Steam Controller is good, it does not replace a keyboard and mouse, especially when it comes to certain games. So then I was connecting a keyboard and mouse to the Steam Machine and having to sit pretty close to my TV. The ROCCAT Sova solves all of the problems I was having.

First it is actually functional. The lapboard sits perfectly in your lap and it sturdy. Even during my most intense gaming sessions there was never a time where I felt the lapboard would fall or was lopsided. The mousepad is more than large enough and since the mouse is connected to the mouse bungee it wouldn’t go flying anywhere. The cushions on the bottom of the Sova make it very comfortable, even during extended gaming sessions. The 13+ foot USB cable that comes with the Sova means you can easily sit on your couch and remember there are two USB ports for you to connect your other devices.

The keyboard used in the Sova is pretty nice. I feel that it is the perfect size for what ROCCAT is trying to accomplish. The MK version which we reviewed has mechanical key switches that are the TTC mechanical key switches. These feel a lot like Cherry MX Brown switches, but have a little less tactile feedback and are not as clicky. Mechanical switches are a must for serious gamers. ROCCAT’s Swarm software is some of the best gaming peripheral customization software I’ve seen.

There are only a few things that I would change about the Sova. First you only have the option for the mechanical or membrane keyboard. It would be nice if we could swap out different keyboards if we wanted. Also the Sova is designed for people who use the mouse with their right hand only. It would be cool if it had some type of modular design that allowed you to move the mouse area to the other side.

If you really want to make the best out of PC gaming in the living room the ROCCAT Sova is the accessory to have. It gives you real keyboard and mouse control in an all-in-one design that you can use pretty much anywhere. Right now the Sova MK is selling for $199 at our favorite online retailer. The membrane version is $50 cheaper at $149.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the ROCCAT Sova a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award.

Award 9 out of 10 Award Recommended

– Comfortable
– Mechanical key switches
– 2 extra USB ports
– Long USB cable
– Great software

– Only two keyboard choices
– Designed for people who use the mouse with their right hand only

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