Lenovo Ideapad Y900 17-inch Gaming Laptop Review

Final Thoughts
As it sits currently the Ideapad Y900 sits at the top of Lenovo’s gaming laptop line and rightfully so. Packed inside you have a Core i7-6820HK processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 8GB graphics, 16GB of DDR4 memory, 128 GB PCIe NVMe SSD plus 1TB HDD storage, Killer AC Wireless, and a mechanical gaming keyboard. I think that configuration would make any gamer happy. This laptop is truly designed to be a desktop replacement and it accomplishes that quite well.

Starting off with graphics the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M 8GB has no problem playing all current games on the display’s 1080p resolution. On top of that the display is NVIDIA G-SYNC enabled which means the Y900 will match up the frame rate of your game with the display rate of the monitor. This provides extremely smooth and clean gameplay. So no screen tearing which many gamers complain about.

One of the coolest features of the Y900 is the keyboard. Lenovo actually installed a real mechanical keyboard! This keyboard while it takes a little time to get used to it was great feedback and who does not love the audible click of the keys as you press them. No mechanical gaming keyboard is complete without RGB backlighting and this keyboard has that as well. There are actually three different sections of the Y900 that offer RGB backlighting and you can program each of them. The keyboard also offers four dedicated keys that can be programmed.

Lenovo’s Nerve Center is one of the best laptop companion software’s that I’ve seen. It puts all of your important applications in one place and does in a very clean and elegant way.

With the launch of the 10-series mobile graphics from NVIDIA Lenovo has not updated the Y900, but we expect them to soon or create a new gaming laptop based on those GPUs.

If you are looking for a full desktop replacement gaming laptop the Ideapad Y900 is the top dog from Lenovo and you won’t be disappointed. It is one of the best and most impressive laptops that I’ve ever used. The model that we reviewed today (80Q1000EUS) comes in at $2499.99. ThinkComputers awards the Lenovo Ideapad Y900 17-inch Gaming Laptop our Recommended Award!

Award Recommended

– Extremely powerful
– G-SYNC display
– Mechanical keyboard
– Sleek design
– RGB backlighting

– GTX 980M graphics are a little dated

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