Lenovo Launches Yoga 11S Convertible

For tablet lovers, Lenovo has introduced its Yoga 11S convertible. Now you can place orders for this IdeaPad directly on www.lenovo.com and www.bestbuy.com starting from 23rd June 2013. The 360 degree flip and fold yoga 11S was showed off in January at the International Consumer Electronics Show. It is sized well in a sleek 11.6’’ LED-backlit design using Intel’s integrated HD 4000 graphics which makes it very impressive.

To fulfill the needs of consumers the convertible Yoga Ultra book 11S comes in a choice with third generation core i3-3229Y costing $799.99 going all the way to top of the line i7 Intel processor ranging around $1,349.99. Its built-in RAM varies from 4GB to 8GB and comes with either 128GB or 256GB hard drive. The 11S also runs the full version of Windows 8 in the case of the $1,349.99 model i.e. Windows 8 Pro leaving behind the previous YOGA 11 which offered windows RT. The multi-touch HD screen has a resolution of 1,366×768 pixels. This device comes with a 720p HD camera and a 4-cell rechargeable battery.

The best part about this convertible device is that it has given a new dimension to mobile computing. For instance it can modify itself into four different modes according to how people are using technology these days. For instance, letting people experience which mode will work effectively for them in their surroundings.

Lenovo has certainly come out with a great innovating device continuing to maintain its brand image in the field of electronics giving users a full pc like experience but in a much much lighter and convertible design. Buyers also offered a choice of two colors — Clementine orange or silver gray.

Source: Lenovo | News Archive