Lenovo Legion Go Gets An Amazing 21% Discount!!

The Legion Go and ROG Ally are in a fierce competition for the coveted title of the most sought-after high-end gaming handheld running on Windows. Despite being pricier than the Steam Deck, their speedier Ryzen Z1 (Extreme) APUs, enhanced resolution screens, and convenient access to non-Steam games via native Windows installation might attract numerous gamers, overshadowing the Deck’s pricing factor.


Arriving on the scene four months after the Ally, the Legion Go made its debut in October 2023. ASUS’s offering has solidified its status as the preferred high-end Windows handheld, leading various Chinese brands to either reduce prices or improve specifications, frequently incorporating expanded memory or storage choices.

In order to capture gamers’ attention and position the Lenovo Legion Go as the top choice in handheld gaming, it needed to excel in specifications – and it certainly did. The device introduced faster LPDDR5X-7500 memory (surpassing the Ally’s 6400 MT/s), a spacious 8.8-inch screen boasting a 2560×1600 resolution (contrasting with Ally’s 7-inch 1080p screen), a larger battery, and a crucial feature: detachable controllers.


Currently priced at 629 EUR, the Legion Go reflects a noteworthy 170 EUR (21%) decrease from its initial launch price in October 2023. This cost is applicable to the Ryzen Z1 Extreme variant, equipped with 16GB of memory and 512GB of storage, as listed on the X-Kom website for German customers. Intriguingly, the same store provides the ROG Ally at 619 EUR.

The system comes at a competitive price, indicating Lenovo’s willingness to offer their product at a more affordable rate. Additionally, with the upcoming release of the MSI Claw anticipated in April, even if it might not reach the same performance level, it is poised to escalate competition in the gaming handheld market. If there’s an opportune moment to secure market share, it is likely now.

Source: X-Kom