Lexar SL660 BLAZE Portable Solid State Drive Review

Final Thoughts

As I mentioned in the beginning of this review Lexar is really targeting gamers with this drive and I think they’ve done a great job. From the design to the RGB lighting you know that this is a “gaming” drive and there are only a few other portable drives out there that really are targeted at gamers. Being that the drive is targeted at gamers I really would have liked to have seen a 2TB version, given the size of games these days.

Beyond the looks and RGB lighting the SL660 Blaze is a workhorse. Whether you are a gamer and a performance user you are going to be impressed with the speed of this drive. This is of course thanks to the USB 3.2 gen 2×2 interface the drive uses. In our testing we saw read speeds of 2022.04 MB/s read and 1805.56 MB/s write in CrystalDiskMark. This is definitely fast enough for gaming directly from the drive, video editing, and much more!

The stand and RGB lighting are definitely add-ons to the drive. I like the stand as it allows you to display the drive which is yet another thing you can add to your overall setup. The RGB lighting looks great, but I wish there was a way to control it, it just does a simple effect.

Right now you can pick up the 1TB version of the drive for $149.99 at our favorite online retailer and Lexar backs the drive up with a 5-year warranty. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Lexar SL660 BLAZE Portable Solid State Drive a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Great performance
– Solid construction
– RGB lighting
– Included stand and travel pouch
– USB-C to USB-A cable included

– No 2TB version available
– Can’t control RGB lighting

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