Tuesday, July 17, 2018
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Lian Li Announces the PC-10N Mid Tower Chassis

A new mid tower chassis has been released by the Lian Li Industrial Co. the chassis has been formed with brushed aluminum and offers a side mounted radiator support. There is a hinged bracket for the placement of the radiator on this new mid tower chassis which have been tagged as the PC-10N. This hinge supports radiators of 240 mm which can be placed in by do it yourselfers.

Lian Li PC-10N Case

The contemporary motherboard design will not be spotted on this chassis; it is has a new design with a railing mount. This gives a lot of benefits in terms of cable management for which there is more systemized space available now. This new design is also going to increase the thermal, performance, allowing for a better flow of air from beneath the motherboard.

Lian Li PC-10N Case

Moreover, the installation of the hard drives will be effort less as there will be no need for any special tools. The six 3.5″ drives and one 2.5″ drive have been housed securely in the HDD cages which can easily be released with the thumbscrews intact. Besides these seven drives, another 2.5 inch drive can also be installed with the help of merely four screws. The chassis also considered the provision of a peaceful working environment as rubber suspensions support he brackets; this will greatly reduce the noise which results often from friction.

Lian Li PC-10N Case

120 mm fans with air filters are also located on this mid tower chassis to attract the cool air inside and prevent overheating. The chassis also offers VGA cards up to 300mm which can easily fit inside without having the need to remove the HDD cage. This newest mid tower chassis is already available for purchase and is priced at $129.99.

Source: Lian Li | News Archive

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