Rockstar Reveals new GTA Online Details

GTA V fans are anxiously waiting to experience online gaming and GTA has some good news for you. Details of what to expect from the upcoming GTA V Online have been highlighted on the blog of Rockstar Games. The post on this blog gives a clear indication that the game will be absolutely free of cost unless the gamers decide to buy the currency in the game in real money. The developer Rockstar Games also promises the GTA online to be an incredibly you-eccentric game, allowing for total adaption of every individual. According to the blog, 16 Players can roam in the city and the players can create their own characters using Character Creator.


With the launch still being a couple of days away, the GTA has opened its way to any feedback from the fans. The feedback on the already existing details of the game can be given on all related blogs and posts which are official for GTA and since the game can be shaped accordingly, it is also a good chance for the fans to throw in some suggestions as they will be taken under consideration. GTA V is the biggest selling game to date with more than 1 Billion sales in the first few days.

Source: Rockstar | News Archive