Lian Li Announces the PC-T80 Test Bench

Lian-Li has just announced their brand new bushed aluminum PC-T80 DIY test bench. This test bench is an update to the original PC-T60. The PC-T80 will feature the same high-quality and simple design that the PC-T80 had, but also adds radiator support (something most test benches don’t have) and a more modular design.

Lian Li PC-T80 Test Bench

The PC-T80 has the official dimensions of 440mm x 435mm x 335mm (17.3″x 17.1″ x 13.1″) WxHxD, is separated into three zones, allowing for easy configuration and updates of hardware. A dual functioning bracket allows for the installation of radiators up to 360mm or three 3.5’/2.5″ HDDs. The HDD cage and power supply location in the lower zone can be easily exchanged, and if desired an additional HDD cage can be installed in the lower zone. The bottom zone also allows for the hard drive cage and power supply to be mounted in several different positions according to the builder’s preference. An additional HDD cage can be mounted in the middle position.

Lian Li PC-T80 Test Bench

Fast Access to all Components
The PC-T80 is designed for easy and fast access to all components, including motherboards up to XL-ATX, expansion cards, power supplies, and DRAM modules. The tool-less mounting system of the hard drives adds even more to the hassle free installation and upgrade experience.

Optional Accessories
The PC-T80’s motherboard tray is pre-cut for optional installation of USB and multimedia port connector cables. Hot swap backplanes can be added to the modular HDD cage.

Price and Availability
The PC-T80 will be available in silver (PC-T80A) and black PC-T80X in North America for the suggested retail price of USD 169.

Source: Lian Li | News Archive

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