Razer is Now Valued at Over $1 Billion

Razer started out as a gaming peripheral company back in 1998 and over the years we have reviewed quite a lot of their products. Recently they have expanded into gaming laptops, tablets and even wearable devices. Things have not always been good for Razer, back in 2001 there were rumors they were going bankrupt, but just recently they have closed a round of funding with Intel on a valuation of at least $1 billion.


TechCrunch was able to get their hands on a anonymous leaked memo source that shared the following:

“We’re already one of the billion dollar unicorns in the tech start-up world and now, we’ve got more resources than ever to allow us to focus on designing and developing the best experiences for gamers worldwide”

Neither Intel or Razer have been able to be reached for comment on this released information. From the looks of things they are doing quite well though. They are gearing up to release their Nabu smartband very soon and they just released their Chroma series of peripherals.

Source: TechCrunch | News Archive

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