Lite Hash Rate GPUs Have Been Unlocked Finally!!

It has been more than a year since we have seen LHR cards, but it wasn’t until now that crypto mining software could fully utilize the full potential of NVIDIA’s RTX 30 LHR GPU.


The main task of the LHR cards was to lower the performance for the NVIDIA RTX 30 cards for crypto coins mining with GPUs by almost 50%. NVIDIA itself unlocked the LHR algorithm itself when it accidentally published the non-LHR driver. Soon after, NVIDIA patched up the LHR algorithm and a second version of RTX 3060 GPU was released. Now all RTX 30 cards have LHR variants except the 3090 series.

nicehash rtx 3080 ti lhr

The LHR algorithm was unlocked up to 70% by the NiceHash developers last year in August. This is why it took a little more than 9 months to figure out the lock mechanism of the LHR software and then disable it for the most of SKU. Now, all these months later, the LHR software finally unlocks 100% on all RTX 30. Only the RTX 3080 12GB and 3050 make an exception and these might likely come with a new LHR algorithm altogether.

Via NiceHash, VideoCardz