PCWorld Tests The Intel Arc A370M Mobile GPU

PC World has done the unbelievable yet again. To access the Arc A370M laptop, it had to get inside the Intel HQ. This was possibly the only way to get access to the laptop since it was only available for purchase in South Korea. Ever since its launch on March 30th, Intel’s Arc A370M was only exclusive to the Korean market and it only had a single design. It has been almost 5 weeks since the launch and we are still waiting for any reviewer to get their hands on the laptop for testing. This means that this is the best that we can get at this moment.

Intel Arc A370M Test 3

We can’t help but criticize the way Intel handled the launch, but as time goes by, we are seeing things getting better. There are a few laptop makers in the market which have launched their new systems featuring the ACM-G11 GPU, something not expected at all at this point in time particularly.

Intel Arc A370M Test 2

Let’s get a little recap on the specs of the Arc A370M. It features the full 8 Xe-Cores of ACM-G11 GPU which is combined with a 64-bit GDDR6 memory of 4 GB and has a TGP between 35 to 50W which makes it very similar to the RTX 3050M. The highlighting factor is that the A370M is equally fast as the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Laptop GPU. They both might bring about the same performance but only a few games have been tested till now and that isn’t enough data to conclude and get to a final word about the performance.

Intel Arc A370M Test 1

Via PCWorld