Synology Launches High-Speed & Security-Focused RT6600ax Wi-Fi 6 Router

Synology Inc. announced today the launch of RT6600ax, a high-speed and security-focused router designed to provide households and offices with fast and secure connectivity. Supported by the new Synology Router System (SRM) 1.3, RT6600ax is fully equipped to address the challenges of modern network environments, including the massive rise in connected devices and the resulting necessity to protect users against ever-increasing security threats.

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Synology’s first Wi-Fi 6-certified router, RT6600ax delivers more reliable Wi-Fi thanks to better data encoding, beamforming, scheduling, and signal isolation. A 2.5 GbE port configurable for WAN or LAN deployment enables users to leverage Multi-Gig internet connections or high-performance devices such as a NAS, as well as a high-speed wireless backhaul. Fast connection speeds and snappy operations are powered by a quad-core 1.8 GHz processor, even with multiple devices connected and all features enabled.

Tri-band technology works in conjunction with Smart Connect to optimize device distribution, eliminating data transmission bottlenecks. Compatibility with the newly licensed 5.9 GHz spectrum unlocks non-DFS channels at 80 and 160 MHz for a combined 6.6 Gbps of wireless throughput, higher concurrent connections, and faster VPN server performance.

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Building a solid network foundation

RT6600ax is powered by SRM 1.3, the latest version of Synology’s intuitive operating system for routers. With improvements and added functionality that greatly expand network management capabilities, SRM 1.3 meets the demands for better security and more flexibility, typical of today’s network environments.

The option to create up to five separate networks, each available for mapping up to three Wi-Fi SSIDs, makes it easy to strengthen security when managing multi-purpose network environments. One-way firewall rules can be configured independently for each network to limit the connectivity to and from less secure devices such as IoT equipment, while support for the 802.1q standard simplifies integration into existing networks in the router, AP, and mesh configurations.

Comprehensive tools for better internet ahead

The latest update also brings SRM’s host of applications for web filtering, traffic control, and remote access to the new generation of Synology routers.

Safe Access

Per-user profiles can be configured to limit time spent online or block browsing when set conditions are met. Devices assigned to the same profile will share the same set of internet access rules, without requiring repetitive manual configuration. For devices not belonging to any user that still requires internet access control and auditing (e.g., guest or new devices), network-specific profiles are also available.

Parental control features include limiting internet usage time (either on a schedule or according to a quota-based system), and filtering out entire categories of websites or specific domains through allowing/blocklists. It also restricts inappropriate search results with safe search options for YouTube, Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Security is enhanced by network-wide threat blocking through DNS & IP Threat Intelligence Database and support for Google Safe Browsing.

Traffic Control

Available bandwidth can be distributed among connected devices, prioritizing a single client or application when specific needs arise. Real-time and historical data support granular auditing, with traffic reports generated automatically or on-demand that can be easily shared in CVS or HTML formats.

VPN Plus

Remote workers and hybrid teams can leverage SRM’s suite of remote connectivity tools to access intranet-only websites directly from their browser (Web VPN); establish high-performance connections with a dedicated client over various protocols (SSL VPN); bridge multiple locations for simple resource sharing across different networks (Site-to-Site VPN), and enable remote operation of devices compatible with the RDP/VNC standard (Remote Desktop).

More powerful mobile management

An overhaul of SRM’s companion mobile app, DS router, delivers an improved network management experience while on the go. The 2.0 version brings functionalities that were previously SRM-exclusive to the smartphone, including creating new wireless networks, configuring web filtering and parental control, setting traffic control schemes, and many more.


  • RT6600ax is available for purchase in the United States immediately.
  • SRM 1.3 is currently only available on RT6600ax units. Availability will be extended to the other Synology routers — MR2200ac and RT2600ac — later this year.

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