Intel Core i7-12800HX Already Tested!

Reviews usually take a while after official releases and announcements, however this time the Golden Pig Upgrade Pack has already published a review of Intel’s recently announced HX series of 16-core Alder Lake mobile processors. The Chinese social media publisher has reviewed the processor which was just announced a day ago. The Alder Lake-HX by Intel can be considered a successor to the Tiger Lake-H45. They differ only in one area though. The Alder Lake-P silicon comes with an integrated chipset but as far as the HX series is considered, it requires quite a lot of PCIe lanes for its storage, peripherals, and GPU.


If we talk about the CPU HX, it alone features 16 Gen5 lanes for the GPU and separate 4 lanes for the Gen4 SSD. There are even more lines along with the chipset; 16 more Gen4 lanes and 12 gen3 lanes. Looking at the results of the CPU test we can see that the 12800HX is about the same in single-core performance, but is about 15% better in multi-core performance.


This HX CPU has been presented to us for the first time and also our first chance to have a look at this closely. We might wonder if there would be any changes as compared to the desktop silicon. We do see a few changes here; the BGA package appears to be the same size as that of the LGA and is only 2.2 mm thinner. The location of the CPU die hasn’t changed.

Via Golden Pig Upgrade Pack, VideoCardz