Viper V2 Pro From Razer Is Light as a Feather

Lightweight and cordless gaming mice are all the rage these days. Thanks to their effortless glide across most surfaces, they are the number one choice for most users. Most of these lightweight mice come with LEDs and hole-riddled pieces which will look weird and out of place in settings apart from gaming dens. However, an exception to this is Razer’s latest Viper V2 Pro which was recently announced on Tuesday. This is a gaming mouse but it has been designed in such a way that it can easily fit in a non-gaming environment as well.

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This isn’t traditional to Razer as it is known more for its flashy designs be it their snake design PCs or other gaming peripherals. The Viper 2 Pro weighing just 2.05-ounce (58 g), is a quite toned down version of the Razer design. Talking about the specs, the mouse features an optical sensor that enables an adjustable DPI of up to 30,000 and also comes with extreme features like the liftoff distance which has been made adjustable. All of this is aimed to attract PC gamers. However, the design is one thing which is very tasteful and will be perfect even in a standard setting. The snake which is known for Razer is also there but in a very subtle way.

We are not sure whether this is a good thing or not, but the logo this time has been ditched and due to that, the mouse has become 0.1 ounces lighter as compared to the previous model. This will also help save battery life as there will be no illuminated logo.

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A little below the scroll wheel is where we can see at least a little pop of color which displays the DPI setting. Razer V2 Pro also ditches the side grips which used to be present on all previous models. These grips further reduce 0.13 ounces and leave space for more options. Razer is selling a grip tape separately which you can add to the side of the mouse or on the primary buttons. The mouse is going to retail for $150.