LUXA2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box Review

Usage & Testing
Before you get started with the GroovyT you are going to want to charge it up. This can be done with the included charging cable. While it is only a USB cable most smartphones these days come with USB wall chargers so if you are not around a computer it really is not a big deal.

One the GroovyT is charged up go ahead and grab your smartphone or tablet and place it on the GroovyT with the speakers near the sensor.

LUXA2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box

Boom! Like magic the GroovyT takes that audio signal and amplifies it! Don’t believe me, check out this video of the GroovyT in action.

The top of the GroovyT is large enough for all smartphones and most tablets. My iPhone5s fit perfectly on top of the GroovyT.

LUXA2 GroovyT Magic Boom Box

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