LUXA2 Lavi-S Bluetooth Headphones Review

Setup & Usage
Before you can start using the Lavi-S you will need to charge the headset up. Inside there is a 1000mAh li-polymer battery that should take about 2 hours to fully charge once it is exhausted. This will give you around 30 hours of playback on the headset and 3 hours when you are in speaker mode. The Lavi-S uses a microUSB to USB connector to charge so you are able to charge it with your smartphone charger, USB connection on your PC or even a portable power bank. When you start charging the indicator LED on the headset will turn red, when it is fully charged the LED will turn off completely.

LUXA2 says to pair the device once you have it turned on you need to press and hold the power button for 7 seconds. I found that all this did was actually turn the headset off. In order to pair you need to turn the headset off, then hold in the power button and continue to hold it in until the indication LED flashing red and blue. Now the headset is discoverable and ready to be paired. I easily paired the Lavi-S with my iPhone by going into Bluetooth devices on my phone and selecting the Lavi-S. There is no password or key-code required to pair.

LUXA2 Lavi-S Bluetooth Headphones

Once paired you are good to go. I started to test the Lavi-S by listening to all different types of music. The headset had very good quality and quite a lot of power, I was actually really surprised. The 40 mm drivers really do a good job! I found that I was able to turn up the headset pretty loud before things started to sound distorted. The way the headset sits on your ears actually blocks out a lot of external noise so you really feel immersed in what you are listening to. The controls on the right earcup are easy to access and once you learn where they are you don’t have to take the headset off to use them. I also took quite a few phone calls using the headset and everyone on the other line said I sounded just fine. Typically with Bluetooth headsets and speakers the microphones are pretty bad so it was a nice change having one that worked quite well. The microphone is located on the bottom on the right earcup and seemed to pick up my voice no problem.

Flip the switch on the right earcup to switch into speaker mode. Each earcup has a 2W speaker inside, which is actually quite powerful. In speaker mode you the Lavi-S can easily fill up a small room with sound and the base sound very good as well. It is nice to have the ability to not only have a headset, but a speaker as well.

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