LUXA2 Lavi-S Bluetooth Headphones Review

Final Thoughts
Honestly when I first head of the Lavi-S I thought the whole speakers on a headset thing was a gimmick, something LUXA2 could use to say the Lavi-S is different from other Bluetooth headsets. I expected the speakers to sound horrible, but I was quite surprised when I first turned them on and they sounded pretty much just like many of the standalone Bluetooth speakers that I have reviewed. Why do I think this is such a big deal? Well typically when I travel I take a Bluetooth speaker and headset with me. With the Lavi-S I only need to bring the headset as it acts as both devices. This saves me space and just makes things easier.

The headset audio quality is quite good too! The 40 mm drivers are very powerful and music sounds very crisp using the headset. The microphone on the headset sounds great and you can easily take calls using the Lavi-S. The headset fits over your ears so it really blacks out external noise giving you a very immersive experience. Have a device that does not support Bluetooth? No worries this headset has an auxiliary in port and they do include a pass-through audio cable. The controls on the headset are easy to access and setting the Lavi-S up takes only sections.

The cushions on the earups and the headband make using the Lavi-S for hours on end very comfortable. I also noticed that the Lavi-S fit quite snug on my head so I was able to workout using it no problem. If you have a larger head you can adjust the headset to fit your needs. The headset folds down as well to make it easy to throw in a laptop bag or laptop.

I think that the Lavi-S is the perfect Bluetooth headset because as I said you get two devices in one, and they both sound great! The only thing that I feel is missing from the Lavi-S is the lack of a travel case. Right now you can pick up the Lavi-S at my favorite online retailer for $69.99. Overall ThinkComputers gives the LUXA2 Lavi-S Bluetooth Headphones a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 small TC award recommended small

– Both a headset and a speaker
– Quality sound on both the headset and speaker
– Easy to set up
– Comfortable
– Microhpone sounds very good

– No carrying case included

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