LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler Review

M1-Pro Overview

The thing that really catches your attention about the M1-Pro is the all aluminum design. Most notebook coolers we have reviewed here at ThinkComputers are either plastic or a mix of plastic and aluminum. And this isn’t cheap aluminum either when you pick the M1-Pro up is it quite heavy, not flimsy at all. Also the brushed finish really makes the M1-Pro look nice.

LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler

The M1-Pro is said to fit MacBook and MacBook Pro’s from 13-17-inches, so of course it should fit most regular notebooks of the same size, although LUXA2 is marketing this towards the Mac crowd. In the center you will see 2 strips. These are a sort of rubber material that your notebook will sit on and transfer heat to the heatpipes. Towards the bottom of the cooler there is a LUXA2 logo. Right above that there are 3 genuine Swarovski crystals. While these crystals do give this cooler some effect and are cool they are totally unnecessary. But LUXA2 is a luxury brand so I guess the crystals are acceptable.

LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler

The entire stand is held in the air at a slight angle by 2 legs on each side (one smaller, one larger). These legs are also made of aluminum and are very sturdy. The only thing is you cannot adjust them so you are stuck with the same height / angle at all times.

LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler

Flipping the M1-Pro over you can first see that there are small pieces of rubber on the bottom of each leg. This makes sure the cooler stays in place and that the aluminum feet do not scratch up your desk. The thing that really stands out on the bottom of the M1-Pro is the 2 heatpipes. Each heatpipe is quite large and is about 4 inches long. These are of course made to transfer heat from your laptop to help keep it cool, but with no air cooling them off it will be interesting to see how well they work.

LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler


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