LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler Review

[ad#review1005-top]Thermaltake’s new brand LUXA2 not only makes PC cases, but a few other products as well. Today we will be looking at one of their latest products the M1-Pro laptop cooler. The beautifully designed laptop cooler is made of all aluminum and instead of using fans it uses 2 large heatpipes to cool down your laptop. This is the first time I’ve seen heatpipes on a laptop cooler, let’s see if they really work.


Product Name: M1-Pro
P/N: LCLN0001
– Height: 49.8 mm (1.96 inches)
– Width: 386 mm (15.2 inches)
– Depth: 303 mm (11.93 inches)
Weight: 1881 g / 4.15 lbs.
Material: Aluminum
Swarovski Crystal P/N: S285
Crystal Diameter: 3.1 mm / 0.12 inches
Cooling System: Embedded Heatpipes x 2


The M1-Pro comes in the very elegant LUXA2 packing that we saw on the LM200 Touch case. The front and back have a picture of the M1-Pro and on the bottom there is a note that you can find the full specs of the M1-Pro online at the LUXA2 website.

LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler

Inside we find the M1-Pro nicely protected and covered. Once everything is out of the box we have the M1-Pro notebook cooler and a user’s guide.

LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler LUXA2 M1-Pro Laptop Cooler


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