Maingear Revolt ITX System Revealed With Core i9-13900K And RTX 4090 

MainGear has introduced an exhilarating lineup of Revolt gaming PCs as part of their exclusive Drops collection. This collection consists of pre-config systems with limited availability. The Revolt series will kick off with six distinct configurations, designed to accommodate various budget preferences.

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These systems are based on the Hyte Revolt 3 chassis, a $129 case specifically designed for Mini-ITX setups. Interestingly, these Mini-ITX configurations provide comparable specifications to Maingear’s high-end ATX “North Series,” although they are slightly less budget-friendly. Crafting Mini-ITX systems requires meticulous attention to detail and thorough testing, especially to guarantee effective thermal control, especially when pushing the GPU to its limits, as seen in configurations featuring the RTX 4090.

As per the Maingear website, the base model, featuring an RTX 4060 and an i5-13400F processor, will be accessible for $1499. An extra $200 allows you to enhance it with the Ti version of the GPU. Progressing to higher performance options, the RTX 4070 series commences at $2099, while the RTX 4080 configuration is priced at $3449. For those in pursuit of the ultimate gaming experience, the flagship system, boasting a Core i9-13900K processor and an RTX 4090 GPU, is available at a cost of $4549.

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The system offers notable features, including a built-in handle, which is perfect for gamers who are often on the go or attend LAN parties. Furthermore, the side panels can be removed without the need for tools, simplifying disassembly. It’s worth mentioning that the Mini-ITX motherboard is designed with downward-facing I/O ports, significantly improving cable management, although this setup may not be the most convenient in certain scenarios.

It is important to mention that we’re only three weeks away from the release of the 14th Gen Core series. Consequently, purchasing Revolt systems that come with 13th Gen Core processors, particularly those priced above $2,000, might not be the most prudent choice. Intel is expected to start offering these CPUs at reduced prices soon, following the trend we witnessed with the 12th Gen series.


Via Maingear