MaxSun Introduces GeForce RTX 4070 With Five Fans

The MaxSun RTX 4070 stands out as a distinctive graphics card, drawing from the legacy of earlier MGG (Mega Gamer) models. Despite being the world’s first RTX 4070 equipped with five fans, MaxSun already claimed this achievement across various SKUs through its MGG series, encompassing the 4090, 4080, and 4070 series. The 4070 non-Ti represents the newest and potentially final addition to this series.


With a configuration of three main fans (2×11 cm + 1×10 cm), the card incorporates two smaller fans on one side, strategically positioned to channel airflow away from the motherboard. This design intends to minimize the transfer of hot air towards components such as M.2 storage, commonly situated near the GPU. Nevertheless, reviewers like GamersNexus have demonstrated that these additional fans are considered a gimmick, offering no tangible benefits in practice.


Beneath the cooling system, a spacious heatsink boasting a 7000m2 heat dissipating area is integrated, linked to 9 heat pipes and a vapor chamber. While vapor chamber cooling is usually reserved for premium models, the RTX 4070 MGG design, derived from the RTX 4070 Ti, incorporates this feature despite a slightly higher TDP, appearing somewhat excessive for a 215W model. Nevertheless, the RTX 4070 MGG design showcases exceptional quality, featuring a robust VRM, a full metal body, and a detachable RGB nameplate.


Embracing a 3-slot design, the card requires a lone 16-pin power connector. Its dimensions span 33.7×13.7 cm, standing at a height of 6.6 cm. Diverging from NVIDIA’s standard specifications with a default TDP of 200W, this variant elevates the power to 215W. Additionally, the boost clock frequency has been heightened to 2580 MHz.


The MaxSun RTX 4070 MGG is presently on sale in China, priced between 4,999 RMB and 5,399 RMB. This translates to a cost exceeding the official RTX 4070 MSRP by at least 4%. Currently, there is no indication that MaxSun intends to distribute these cards in other countries.

Via MaxSun