Meta Reveals Dozens Of VR Headset Prototypes

We are all aware of Mark Zuckerberg’s zeal for the investment and development of VR technology which will ultimately lead to the huge shift to Metaverse. The VR technology forms the soul of the company; so much so that Facebook was renamed and rebranded as Meta recently. This wasn’t just a name change. Since Meta’s birth, the company has been rigorously working on prototype headsets which are built and designed for multiple goals using different technologies.


One such prototype is the Butterscotch which according to Zuckerberg allows the one wearing it to “comfortably read the smallest letters on an eye chart.” The overarching design of the Butterscotch is there to achieve as much optimum retinal resolution as possible. According to Meta, this retinal resolution is achieved at 60 pixels per degree. This aligns with Meta’s vision as they want to achieve, in their words, a display which is as vivid and realistic as the physical world, and much more advanced than traditional computer screens we use today.”

The Butterscotch is just one of the many VR headsets at Meta (two dozen to be exact). There was more information revealed on what Meta is planning regarding VR technologies during one of the recent meetings. Zuckerberg along with other Reality Labs members shared some insight on the headset technologies being used at the company.

“I think we’re in the middle right now of a big step forward towards realism. I don’t think it’s going to be that long until we can create scenes with basically perfect fidelity,” Zuckerberg mentioned during the roundtable.

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One other VR prototype is the Starburst. This one is even farther away from turning into a shippable product as compared to the Butterscotch. This one is a HDR VR headset. According to Zuckerberg, this one is one of a kind while MageneX seems to disagree. However, it is not this one that steals the show. The Holocake 2 is the one which appears to be the most promising of the lot. This experimental device is in a fully working mode and will be lighter as well as thinner as compared to the rest of the VR headsets.

Based on holographic displays, the Holocake 2 is already in a place where it can play PC VR experiences, claims Zuckerberg. Looks wise it appears to be a hybrid of a VR headset and glasses, with its sleek look.

Via HotHardware