Microsoft reveals new Flight Simulator screenshots

Microsoft Flight Simulator screenshots were posted by its alpha testers, showing very impressive visuals. Microsoft’s simulators are well known for their in-depth graphics and near real-world accuracy.  It looks like Microsoft is very close to release Flight Simulator. A few days ago, it revealed the PC hardware requirements, implying a ‘very soon’ release. Interested pilots can show if their gaming PCs can play this simulator with flying colours. If you are looking for Flight Sim Joystick Recommendations click here.

Well planned simulated experience

Gamers and flight simulation enthusiasts will get to play via any of its 37,000 airports available in-game. Microsoft Flight Simulator shows breathtaking visuals, environment with variable depth-of-field, clouds, GPS and real-time air traffic. The new version of the game will support native 4K HDR and use Azure AI power to inject it with an unprecedented level of realism.

Simulation games are usually known to be spectacular in gameplay and visuals. Typically with such Microsoft games, Flight Simulator isn’t going to be any different. Some of its notes say the team is excited to release the Boeing 747 for community testing.

Hardware Requirements

Microsoft Flight Simulator requirements are extremely detailed and hence needs a good system configuration. Based on the list, the minimum and recommended requirements are pretty modest. The studio listed AMD and Nvidia configuration in all the specification segment. The bare minimum it needs is the Ryzen 3 1200/ 4460 CPU with RX 570/ GTX 770 GPU. To play the game in full glory, you’ll need the Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X or the Core i7-9800X CPUs. As for graphics, they listed the rather shortlived Radeon VII and the RTX 2080.

Network, Storage and OS Requirements

Microsoft Flight simulator needs a good internet connection due to its real-time air traffic network. The maximum broadband speed requirement is 50 Mbps. Microsoft Games Studio is working to pre-load some areas and aspects of the simulation. With the progress they’re making, the final product would have offline gameplay. At the time of release, the file size of Microsoft Flight Simulator will need 150 GB. Windows 10 1909 update is the operating system requirement.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

There’s a good chance of most flight enthusiasts to use AMD Ryzen CPU / GeForce GPU combo. I am curious to know which joysticks they will be playing with. Unlike keyboard and mouse, the popularity with joysticks for the PC is very niche. Thrustmaster is one such company that make flight controls and even rudder pedals.

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