Microsoft Launches Their Chromium-based Edge Browser

Microsoft has just released their first public version of the Chromium-based version of Edge. If you can remember back in December they announced that they would be adopting the Chromium open-source coding for their broswer, this coding powers the 65% market share holding Google Chrome. The whole idea behind this move is to streamline development efforts, reduce web development fragmentation, and contribute to a more open internet by building and contributing to the Chromium project.

Users can check out the Chromium version of Edge, but the public release is nowhere near completion. What Microsoft is doing is using a flighting program to aid in the development of features and bug correction. This is being done via Canary and Developer builds of the Edge browser, where Canary are available daily, and follow the development flow of the browser at is being developed, or via weekly Developer builds, which should bring more impactful performance and feature upgrades.

Via Microsoft Blog

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