Apex Legends Cheaters are Getting Hardware Banned By Respawn

No one likes a cheater, especially in battle royale games. Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind the very popular Apex Legends takes cheating very serious and is hardware-banning cheaters. This means that these cheaters cannot go and create a new account with the same computer.

Apex Legends 2

For those who don’t know your CPU, GPU, Motheboard, and RAM all have unique identifiers that can be used to ban you from certain games. This is a much more effective way of banning cheaters as the cheater will essentially have to buy new hardware to get back on the game. Most cheaters get banned by their account, but then they can easily create a new account.

It seems some of these cheaters are not very happy with their hardware ban…


A hardware ban is much more harsh and we really like that Respawn is taking this approach. Cheaters ruin games and make playing not fun at all. With the success of Apex Legends you know that Respawn wants to keep their servers cheater-free.

Via Reddit

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