Microsoft Mocks Sony’s PS5 Teardown Video In A Tweet

We can expect a lot of action from the manufacturers of the next-gen consoles, Microsoft and Sony. However today Microsoft has mocked Sony for the lengthy procedure required to switch the huge PS5 from horizontal to vertical or the other way around.

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Sony showed the process in a teardown video. A screw and a backplate are required to be inserted in its horizontal or vertical orientation. To place the console horizontally, the backplate is to be attached to a specific spot on the back of the console after which the PS5 rests on the backplate.

Sony PS5

If you want to place the PS5 vertically, you are required to remove a plastic plug, reveal a compartment and then screw it into the bottom of the console. Although gamers won’t perform these steps repeatedly, Microsoft couldn’t resist the urge to mock the procedure. Xbox UK posted a tweet stating “How to switch the Xbox Series X from vertical to horizontal” along with two pictures.

Xbox Series X

To situate the Xbox vertically or horizontally you have to lay the console on its side simply, but the tweet shows that the marketing team at Microsoft has a sense of humour.

The weight, size and the organic shape of the PS5 is the reason why Sony had to opt for an intricate base. To provide stability to this tall machine when oriented vertically, a screw-in base is the best choice.

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 digital will be launched on November 12. They are priced at $499 and $399 respectively. While the X box Series X and S will launch on November 10 with a price tag of $499 and $299 respectively.

Update: Microsoft has now deleted the tweet.